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Good Bye and Hello


I’m Volker Schunck and live in Dresden, Germany. You maybe already know me as book author and blogger. Over the years I’ve changed. My books are the processing and involvement of my Christian faith in the light of my studies of Theology and Zen Meditation. This process of my individuation goes on.

Now I have discovered, what I already knew before but mainly intellectually, that painting gives me a more direct access to my emotions. This shift from words to paintings made me feel uncomfortable with my old blog name God n Zen. So I decided to create a new blog, which expresses my inner transformation towards art: 911 Art.

You may interpret the emergency call as expression for the help which I find by expressing myself through my paintings.
Or you may put it as: Call the emergency, he’s getting totally crazy, now he also thinks he’s an artist. Well…

Not from this World


We are citizens on earth but not from this world. You and me were born on an unknown planet, which has the name of our love, between eros and agape. Our love shines brighter than the sun but the world needs our love, my little angel.